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Sydney’s Five Star Restaurants

When you stay in Sydney’s five star hotels the hotel restaurant will be more than acceptable. The Treasury at the Intercontinental and the Galileo at the Observatory are safe bets. But if you’ve come to Sydney to have the full five star experience there are a number of places to eat that you might not otherwise know. Here are a few of them.

Rockpool, Rockpool Bar & Grill and Spice Temple

The Master Chef behind Rockpool is Neil Perry, the pony tailored master chef behind Qantas’ inflight meals. Neil has three restaurants in Sydney offering different experiences. In Sydney’s Rocks area at 107 George Street is Rockpool. If this was in Europe it would have Michelin Stars. Rockpool offers the complete experience in a simple series of historic rooms in one of the Rocks’ old buildings. The wine list is more than you’d expect and you’ll find local and imported wine of the best quality.

Perry’s Rockpool Bar & Grill is in the CBD and offers a lesser but none the less satisfying lunch and dinner experience. A favourite of the suits and ties it’s open for lunch Monday to Friday and dinner Monday to Saturday. 66 Hunter Street. Just tell your cabbie the address.

Spice Temple is the pony tailed one’s take on modern Chinese cuisine. It has a spicy menu with the hottest choices in red type. It’s had terrific reviews and will not disappoint. In the quaint Bligh Street that houses very private business establishments and some brasher ones, this is great place for lunch or dinner. 10 Bligh Street Sydney. Rockpool’s website with information on all three restaurants is


Matt Moran’s Aria is now Sydney establishment. He comes and goes with the critics, wins and loses chef’s hats but continues to delight his loyal clientele. Also known for his regular appearances on Master Chef Matt is a no nonsense chef who seems to get the best out of his staff. Inventive and consistent. Aria will please. So will the location, on East Circular Quay looking straight out onto the Harbour at 1 Macquarie Street. Bookings at He’s also in Brisbane if you’re going there.

Boathouse, Blackwattle Bay, Glebe

You’ll have to take a short cab ride but it’s worth it. The boatshed was established by Tony Pappas and Robert Smallbone in 1997 and it is just that, a renovated simple space on the water at Glebe, 10 minutes from the CBD. It’s worth the trip. You’ll be stunned by varieties of oysters and Australian cuisine of the very best. Everyone goes there – if they can get in. Give it a try.

These three restaurants are five star in every sense with main courses an average $A60

How Customized Pillows Can Help In Various Sleeping Positions

 We all love sleeping. We want our sleeping experience comfortable and pleasant. That’s why we take care in choosing a bed or a mattress. We want it to be hard in a level so that we are comfortable laying on it yet not compromising on the “softness” aspect. Otherwise one will end up in a backache in the next morning ruining the whole day(s).

Equally important is a pillow. It has great significance as, it carries the weight of the head and aligns the neck in such a way that, the stress doesn’t develop along the body which may result in pain in the back of the head or neck. It’s surprising how much headache you have suffered, originates because you weren’t using a pillow that’s right for you!

Even the softest pillows will initiate a pain if your body isn’t accustomed with it. This is where traditional pillows have disadvantages, because it doesn’t take a sleeping position into account while manufacturing thus assuming a generalized position. In the end, you end up buying a pillow that’s not beneficial for you.

That’s why customized pillows came into existence which takes into account of sleeping positions of various people. As every person is different, their sleeping positions are also different and needs to be addressed on case to case basis.

For example, If you love with stomach against the bed, you will put some pillow to support your body as, in this position, the stomach carries significant amount of the body weight. A soft pillow will fail its purpose as it can’t support the stomach and the weight distribution will be uneven thus resulting in giving the weight back to the stomach reason. A Fiber filed a bit hard pillow is suitable for this case as it can evenly distribute weight thus making the stomach less stressful. With customized pillow, you now have a chance to decide how much Fiber will go into the pillow so that; you get a pillow that’s a perfect fit for you. Click here for more details.

Similarly, most people love to sleep with face upwards thus putting the weight along the back. The neck here carries the weight of the head. And it’s difficult to find a pillow in this case as too much soft or too much hard pillow will trigger pain after an hour or so may be. Just remember, how many times you tried to shape or puffiness of the pillow to adjust them to make it comfortable for you. Yes, it’s hard to find a pillow that will address all these aspects and most people end up buying seeing there’s no option availability.

Now, with customized pillow, you can chose how much puffy it should be. Or you may choose a hybrid one which will bring best from both of the worlds. You do have a pillow now that is exactly what you want. Thus you have a better sleep than you would have using a traditional pillow.

Or you may like to put a pillow in between your legs for a better support. In this case, you will like a pillow that is a bit hard with a bit of length so that it can serve better. In a these cases, customized pillows comes with much better options than Amy other as, you can dictate what you want. While different people have different requirements, it is difficult to implement all of it in a generalized pillow which needs to serve everyone. But with customized one, the process becomes simple because the individual approach makes it suitable for making the pillow along with the requirements.


Whitey’s Southern Restaurant in Wilmington, NC to Close

Whitey’s Restaurant is an institution in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Southern restaurant along with the companion Whitey’s El-Berta motel (which has already been closed and torn down) will soon be history according WWAY TV 3 and a waitress at the homey little establishment.

History of Whitey’s Wilmington

Herbert King initially opened the El-Berta motel on Market Street in the early 1950s. The 18-room motel was named in honor of his wife Berta, and the owners added the “El” after having seen that combination used by other motels in the Florida area.

The motel is a one level facility and rooms were still opened with old-fashioned keys at the time the operation was closed.

The restaurant is a separate building painted white with a red roof and is located next to the site of the original motel on the corner of Kerr and Market Streets.

The Prevatte family purchased the facilities in the 1970s, and Whitey was added to the already familiar landmarks.

Where Did the Name Whitey Come About?

Visitors to Wilmington, NC often wonder why the quaint looking little restaurant is called Whitey’s. The answer is simple. The owner Horace Prevatte is nicknamed “Whitey,” so he simply added his own name to the restaurant co-owned along with his two sons, Mike and Brian.

What’s Special About Whitey’s of Wilmington?

Whitey’s is an old fashioned diner-like restaurant where locals gather and start the day with a hearty breakfast served through the afternoon. A good number of onliners have posted about various special memories at the soon-to-be-closed restaurant.

During the summer season, in particular, tourists stop by to get the flavor of a real Southern breakfast or the delicious soups and burgers served at lunch time. Whitey’s has a reputation for the best pancakes in Wilmington, and their biscuits and gravy are as Southern as it gets and excellent. Whitey’s offers a buffet, so visitors who have trouble deciding what to try can sample a variety from the all-you-can-eat offerings.

Yes. Michael Jordan Did Work at Whitey’s.

Another question that is often asked is: Did Michael Jordan work at Whitey’s. And, the answer is: yes.

Michael Jordan did work at Whitey’s, and his first paycheck stub from his after-school job there is on display at the Cape Fear Museum at 814 Market Street in Wilmington.

Why is Whitey’s Being Closed?

Several things combine to bring an end to this historic and popular Wilmington restaurant. The owners are getting up in years, and the facilities are ageing as well so would need extra maintenance and remodeling.

In addition, Whitey’s is located on prime Wilmington real estate. So, the property is valuable. A privately owned restaurant (and small hotel) does not generate the income that other establishments could in the same space and location.

Another key factor is also a plan by the city to expand the width of the road. If the roads are widened, then that would cut into the restaurant lot which is a corner property. In fact, locals claim that the wider road would cut right through the dining room.

The Future with Whitey’s Southern Restaurant Gone?

News reports indicate that Walgreens drugstore wants the corner lot on Kerr and Market. The large chain drugstore company tends to locate on corner properties. The project is still in the planning stages, since the city must approve the demolition of the landmark restaurant first.

In the meantime, Whitey’s is still open and serving delicious Southern food. But, if you want to eat at Whitey’s, you will have to hurry. By all accounts, the classic Wilmington restaurant will soon be torn down to make way for wider roads and another drugstore.

Central Florida Restaurant Weeks Offer Savings for Fall 2017

It’s become an annual ritual for restaurants in many metropolitan cities to band together for a week of dining specials. It’s great for the eateries that participate since it brings in customers, and it’s great for food lovers who have a chance to try out more expensive places at a lower price.

But there’s no reason travelers can’t use these restaurant weeks (as they’re usually called) to score great deals on dining out.

So if travel plans for September 2017 include visits to the Florida cities of Orlando and Tampa, take advantage of one or both of these great promotions.

Orlando Magic Dining Month

It might surprise some people, but Orlando has many fine dining establishments. Quite a few of them even have celebrity chef names attached to them. Of course eating at them can be pricey, but during Orlando Magic Dining Month, it’s possible to enjoy the gourmet experience without paying the price for it.

From September 1 through September 30, 2017, over sixty of Orlando’s best restaurants are participating in this annual restaurant promotion.

For $30 per person (plus tax and beverages), it’s possible to enjoy a three-course meal at places like CRAVE, Funky Monkey Wine Company, Norman’s at the Ritz-Carlton, Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion and Seasons 52.

Even some theme park restaurants are participating. Among the Universal restaurants participating are Emeril’s Orlando, Emeril’s Tchoup Chop, Latin Quarter and The Kitchen at the Hard Rock Hotel. SeaWorld’s Makahiki Luau is on the list. Walt Disney World is even represented by Todd English’s bluezoo (Swan and Dolphin resorts) and Portabello Trattoria (Downtown Disney).

Dine Tampa Bay Restaurant Week

Located on the west coast of Florida, Tampa Bay encompasses the cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, among others.

From August 29 to September 6, 2017, over fifty of the area’s finest restaurants will showcase their fare in the first ever DINE Tampa Bay event.

Each will offer special three-course menus, consisting of an appetizer, entree and dessert, at three different price levels.

At the $25 level are restaurants like Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., GrillSmith and Café Dufrain. The $30 level includes options such as CineBistro at Hyde Park, Fresco’s Waterfront Bistro and Seasons 52. The top tier of $35 includes splurges like Boizao Steakhouse, Capital Grille, The Melting Pot and The Palm Steakhouse (where the steak alone can cost more than $35). All price points are per person and don’t include tax or beverages.

Restaurant promotions like these are a great way to add a little bit of luxury to a tightly budgeted trip. Try to dine out at these fine culinary establishments towards the end of the trip for the biggest impact.