Heads up for the wait staff who maintains the dinnerware

The restaurant owners should take good care while buying the serving trays for their restaurant. They should check the cost, menu, durability, and themes before buying the restaurant serving tray. They should also buy different sized trays so that they can meet the various necessities. All these are points to be noted by the restaurant owners. But that does not make sure the top notch service in the restaurant. Let me mention about some of the points to be noted by the staff who serve the food.

Arranging plates on table

  • Keep the restaurant serving trays neat and tidy all the time.
  • The trays should be always ready to be used and arranged on the shelf for easy access. It is always better to keep the shelf to the both sides of the door.
  • There should be extra plates available for the staff
  • When the staff carries the trays he/she should be careful about the weight that is carried in the tray – should keep balance.
  • Make sure the silverware is always kept to the sides of the tray and plates to the center
  • The restaurant trays should be cleaned every night or whenever is needed – do not reuse without cleaning

While following the above guideline the staff and the restaurant owners should take care of some other things like the design and shape of the trays. There are different trays for different functions. For example, there are buffet trays and normal trays. The chef should provide guidelines to the staff about the arrangement of the food on the trays. The restaurant trays are not just serving plates but the presenters of the meal.  You do not want the food to be presented badly in front of your customers.

Serving dessert on a slate plate

Now, a tip to the tray selectors – make sure you consider the color and design of the tables in your restaurants. It should match the theme. As we mentioned earlier there are different types of trays for different functions. For example, the trays that are used to carry drinks have a different shape and will have a rubber layer to prevent the spilling. In short, restaurant serving trays are the tools used by staff to serve their customers and gain appreciation. So it is important to make sure that the trays are matching the menu and theme of the restaurant. For an Italian restaurant you can select bright colors but that may not be case of other restaurants.

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