Versatile Options

Restaurant kitchen countertops are known for their functional design and practical accessibility, but they can also be decorative showpieces in your home. Traditional kitchen countertops are still available in laminate form, but they tend to lack the modern appeal and stylish decorative elements that contemporary countertops offer. With the ever-increasing mediums and materials that are available for kitchen countertops, your options are limitless. Three modern countertop design options that will surely bring a burst of modern elegance to your kitchen include: stainless steel, granite, and butcher block. All three of these designs provide a sophisticated decorative accent for restaurant kitchen décor.

Stainless Steel isn’t just for Commercial Kitchens

Stainless steel is so regularly associated with commercial kitchen appliances that it is often overlooked as a countertop alternative in residential neighborhoods. Stainless steel is not only extremely contemporary as a kitchen countertop options, but it is also functional. The use of stainless steel in a modern kitchen has provided homes with an alternative to wood or tile. The emergence of stainless steel as a countertop material makes a great deal of sense. It is easy to clean, heat resistant, stainless, and attractive. Not to mention, stainless steel also comes in a variety of textures and finishes to provide you with multiple countertop options.

Granite is Grand

Granite is not one of the cheapest options for a kitchen countertop, but it is a viable option. If you have the budget for granite countertops, then they are worth the investment because your return on them will be great. People love granite countertops because they are so elegant and regal in their visual appeal. In addition, granite is strong and can tolerate clanking pans, hot dishes, and spills. The smooth texture is perfect for baking needs and food preparation. The grand appeal of granite makes it a top choice for modern kitchen countertops.

Butcher Block is Affordable and Practical

There is something about natural wood that makes a restaurant kitchen look homey and inviting. When you use butcher block as a your kitchen countertop surface, you immediately bring a sense of country charm to your kitchen. In addition, butcher block is perfect for cutting vegetables and fruits and preparing homemade meals. It is also an affordable option because the wooden surface is easily installed. Kitchen countertop options are available in elegant, practical, and decorative designs, so allow your kitchen motif to help you determine which materials to use.